Level I – Session 1: The History of the Independent Living Movement

Your Awareness Journey  Begins Now.

Welcome to The Increase Your Disability Awareness Educational Suite. The purpose of this suite of courses is to make the learner become more “disability aware”.  The overall goal of this course suite is to increase disability awareness among as large of an audience as possible because with better understanding comes better attitudes and a better world.

As a purchaser of this course, you will be entitled to future updates as they are made available.

Thinking Exercises:

Throughout these courses you will see some common terms that encourage you to think critically about the topics covered. These thinking exercises will be clearly labeled.

Common Terminology Used Through These Courses:

Discussion Points:

You will also find discussion points. These are aimed at getting you to discuss some of the topics with others.

Learning Objectives:

Throughout these courses you will have an opportunity to learn the following:

  • What is the Independent Living Movement
  • When it began
  • The key player(s) in the IL Movement
  • Identify the challenges
  • The places the movement took place
  • Myths and Facts regarding people living with disabilities
  • Common Laws Relating to the community of people with disabilities
  • People First in Language (PFL)
  • Sensitivity issues of communicating/interacting with people with disabilities
  • Acquiring knowledge regarding various facets of disability awareness
  • The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities
  • How to communicate with people with disabilities without being fearful
  • Myths and Facts regarding people living with disabilities and/or health challenges
  • Inappropriate/Appropriate words in a conversation or in general
  • How to interact with a person with an obvious disability
  • Know when and how to assist
  • Understand the importance of asking
  • Does and Don’ts
  • What is appropriate vs not appropriate