About Us

Thank you for visiting Connections Access Consulting Services (CACS) on-line program. We take this opportunity to welcome you to CACS. Congratulations on your decision to continue learning and acquiring matters of inclusion.

We promote awareness; address the importance of inclusion, for individuals with disabilities through training and consulting. We raise awareness of people living with disabilities; health related illnesses, and how society can foster ways in developing an inclusive environment.

As you embark on these on-line courses, you will become aware of the many facets of people living with disabilities and the aging population.  You will also, learn ways to make the environment inclusive for all.

In many ways, the information acquired on-line, is not different from our in-person classes offered. On-line you may learn at your pace and time.

Additionally, you are able to reaffirm what you acquired by repeating the material frequently. 

As you make the transition through the on-line experience, most likely you will have questions. Please feel free, to contact us, with your questions, comments or concerns. We are here to assist.

We wish for you the satisfaction of successfully gaining information, hopefully, you will share and suggest to others—information is not any good unless it is shared. Like wild flowers, let the information you receive, be used for omitting uncertainty. Our intent is to raise awareness, toward the matters of people with disabilities and health related illnesses. Everyone deserves to be included in all social situations.


MARGUERITE EDMONDS, Training & Educational Coordinator