Through a variety of educational training modules, technical assistance programs and marketing support services CACS works to  enhance community awareness. This is based upon the needs of an aging population and the growing number of citizens with disabilities within our communities, by offering on-line training. Utilizing our personal insight and years of professional experience we provide you with the information necessary to expand your organization’s understanding of these untapped, emerging, and lucrative market segments.

Our on-line training tool is an extension of the educational models we offer in-person; in addition, we are now able to offer to you virtually.

Text book reference (*) Words Matter Using appropriate words and communication with meaning, by Ellen Shackelford and Marguerite Edmonds is one source in which you may refer to when taking this course online.

CACS will provide disability awareness, and its adversity, inclusion, disability etiquette and disabilities obvious, not-so-obvious, how socio-cultural attitudinal barriers play a key role in our society today. The option for on-line courses will reflect these matters in a comprehensiveon-line opportunity to you.

Search our list of available courses which include: Disability Awareness, Sensitivity Education, Etiquette, Inclusive Environments, Using appropriate language, Myths and Facts, How to Provide Customer Service to People with Disabilities. Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC, works diligently to keep you informed, and up-to-date with current material and News You Can Use. 


Connections Access Consulting Services, (CACS) LLC, is a consulting business specializing in Disability Etiquette. We focus on ensuring the awareness and unconscious injustice of an aging society through training, and programs necessary to address the importance of inclusion.